Is Gutenberg a WordPress Page Builder Killer? What is the Future of Gutenberg

WordPress 5.0 has launched and so the new block editor called Gutenberg. The WordPress dev team has pushed the Gutenberg editor with the new WordPress 5 even though it has got many critics and negative comments from the users around the world.

Though the idea of the Gutenberg block editor is good, it has not been executed well and most of the users who tried the new Gutenberg editor has the same sayings. Well, hope it gets better with the updates in the future.

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Is Gutenberg Editor a WordPress Page Builder Killer?

Gutenberg Editor


Now coming to our main topic, is the Gutenberg editor a page builder killer? Or is it a substitute to WordPress page builder? Most of the WordPress users are asking for the same question. The answer to this question is simply “No”.

Gutenberg editor is neither a substitute to page builder nor it can take over the page builder. Well, why Gutenberg can’t take over the page builder? How Gutenberg is different from the page builder plugins available on the web? let’s check it out.

Why Gutenberg Cannot Take Over the Page Builders

The one-line answer for the question above is “Gutenberg is an editor, not a page builder”, yes, with Gutenberg editor you can create a post or page with the available block elements, but you cannot build the entire website. For now, Gutenberg is just limited to editing post, page and custom post types, it cannot be used to build or customize the other elements of the website apart from these.

The WordPress page builder plugins available on the web are more powerful and feature rich compared to the Gutenberg editor, they are just not the page builders but the site builders. The most popular WordPress page builder plugins like Divi, Elementor and Visual Composer let you build the entire website along with the header, footer, blog landing page, blog page, archive, search page and 404 page etc.

Well, till now we have just discussed whether the Gutenberg is a substitute to page builder plugins, now let me add a few points on some game-changing features of Gutenberg editor and its roadmap.

Yes, The Gutenberg is Booming

Though the WordPress Gutenberg editor has not got the warm welcome by the community, it has many game-changing features to make editing easier.

Gutenberg is all about blocks with drag and drop functionality, with Gutenberg you can add the columns and buttons to your post or pages which is not possible with the classic editor. You can also embed the twitter feed or Facebook post in no time. Not only this but you can create reusable blocks and use them sitewide. Most importantly Gutenberg is a WYSIWYG editor.

WordPress Dev team is working hard to make Gutenberg better, it is pushing the new block elements to make your job easy. WordPress guys are also planning to come up with the new dedicated block directory just like the WordPress plugin or theme directory where we can discover and install the blocks we need.

Well, what to do you say about Gutenberg? Comment it out!

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