How to Build Your Own Custom WordPress Theme? Here is the Starting Point [Video Tutorial]

Web development is a creative job, being a web developer, one must update and adapt himself to the ongoing trends. So what is creativity? Creativity is nothing but creating something new that catches the attention.

You can create your own HTML template easily if you are familiar with HTML and CSS, but how to convert your HTML template into a dynamic WordPress theme? We have come up with the video tutorial on how to create your own custom WordPress theme.

This tutorial provides you the basic idea of WordPress template hierarchy as well as the concept of WordPress theme, use this tutorial as a starting point for custom WordPress theme development. We assume that you are already familiar with HTML, CSS and basic PHP as this tutorial requires these skills.

Before moving to the video tutorial here is some note on why it is essential to learn custom WordPress theme development.

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Why Is It Essential to Learn Custom WordPress Theme Development?

This is the question that comes into most of the web developers mind when they are about to start their journey with custom WordPress theme development.

Now let’s try to find the answer to this question, you can use premium or free WordPress template available on the web for your client, but what if your client has his own design? Or what if your client asks you to add some extra functionalities to his website? In this situation you just have two options, either say I can’t to your client or learn the custom WordPress theme development and get ready to work on any design.

How to Build Your Own Custom WordPress Theme

WordPress Theme Sample

Here is the link of sample WordPress theme generated with Underscores. Go through all the theme files to better understand the video tutorial. Any doubts? Let’s us know in the comments.

Happy Coding!

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