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Elegant Subscription Popup

Introduction to Elegant Subscription Popup Plugin

Elegant subscription popup plugin shows an elegant feedburner form when site gets loaded where visitors can enter their email id and subscribe to your site feeds. Elegant subscription popup plugin has a clean and elegant look which is inspired by Elegant themes blog’s subscription box.

Elegant subscription popup PRO version let you add other newsletter subscription services instead of Feedburner such as MailPoet using shortcode and also customize text color and popup background color.

Elegant subscription popup plugin doesn’t annoy the visitor to subscribe repeatedly instead it shows the feedburner subscription form with the interval of days set by admin.

Some Cool Features of Elegant Subscription Popup Plugin

elegant subscription popup

Fully Customizable

You can change popup title, description and popup color. It is possible to add your own logo image on the subscription form which is shown before the heading. You can set the delay for the popup to show it after some seconds.

Responsive Design

This plugin comes with responsive design which fits itself with PC, tablet and mobile devices. Elegant subscription popup plugin is a perfect companion for your responsive theme.

Cool Animation Effect

This popup feedburner plugin shows and hides with cool animation effect to catch the visitor’s attention.

No Disturbance

This feedburner subscription form uses cookies hence it doesn’t disturb the reader again and again to subscribe to your blog feeds. It only shows the subscription box after the interval of days set by admin.

Easy to use admin panel

Elegant subscription popup has a simple settings page to configure the plugin as per your requirements.


I would like to thank Dan Eden for his Animate.css and Google fonts.

Elegant Subscription Popup WordPress Plugin Video Demo

Elegant Subscription Popup Free Vs Pro

Features Free Pro
Fully responsive  
Animation effects    
Feedburner subscription    
Other newsletter subscription such as MailPoet (Shortcode support)  
WYSIWYG editor in the backend  
Customization options to change font color and popup color  
  Download Elegant Subscription Popup 



59 comments on “Elegant Subscription Popup
  1. Hi Guys, Love the look of this plug in but have some questions…how do you view and manage the email database? When testing, a text box appeared saying email subs where not enabled…


    1. Hi Dayna, I am glad you liked this plugin. This plugin adds the subscribed email to your feedburner database. Just add your feedburner ID in this plugin’s settings panel and make sure that “subscribe by email” is enabled in your feedburner.

      1. Shrinivas thank you for this plugin. Do you think you can go a step further by having a new update so that we can almost fully customize the whole thing? I need to be able to change the “Subscribe now” button color as well as the text inside the email box that says “Enter your email ID here”. Thank you in advance.

  2. Great plugin Shrini!
    Can I still use this plugin if I don’t use Feedburner but an email marketing system, like MailChimp, instead? Thanks in advance for your reply!

    1. Hi Ian, this plugin just sends the entered email id to feedburner subscription form, if something is possible with Mailchimp then I will surely give it a try. Thank you.

  3. Hi,
    This is a great plugin. It is just what I was looking for.
    I would like the box popup when people are leaving the website. Can you help me with that please.
    Thank you in advance.

  4. Hi Shrinivas,

    Thanks a lot for the plugin. I am facing an issue with it. When we enter an email address for feedburner subscription, the next page that comes asks to enter the email address again before typing the captcha. Ideally, it should redirect to the captcha in the first place without asking for email again. Please guide in addressing the issue

    1. Hi Gaurav, Thank you for your words. Ya, the plugin should automatically forward the entered email to feedburner form, in case it is not forwarding then make sure whether it is configured properly. Or it might be having conflicts with other plugins.

    1. Ya. It doesn’t annoy the reader every time but show up the subscription form according to your settings. You can see the preview of your changes in incognito mode by clearing the cookies.

  5. Hi Shrinivas,

    Great Plugin. Is there a way to setup plugin to show the subscribe popup on every page, to everyone, after user scrolls down (50-60%) of the page. Moreover, the popup should be available the visitor signs up. (can be closed with the x but pops up every time till he has subscribed?).

    1. Hello, Thank you for your interest in this plugin. Ya wordpress.com doesn’t allow third party plugins. According to my knowledge there is no other way to use this plugin in wordpress.com

  6. Suggestions:
    – Use minified CSS files for faster loading
    – Update animate.css to latest version
    – Optimise the close button PNG (will reduce file size by more than half)
    – Load the Google fonts over HTTPS (not HTTP)

    1. Hello Abul, This plugin supports all the wordpress themes. Clear the browser cookies and reload your website or test in the incognito mode as it doesn’t repeatedly display the popup and annoy the visitors.

    1. Hi, Just add the feedburner ID in plugin settings, not the full feed URL, and activate the “Email subscription” in your feedburner account. To activate, go to your feedburner account, click on your feed title, select the ‘publicize’ tab and then click on ‘Email Subscriptions’, now scroll down and activate “Email Subscriptions”.

  7. Hi, right now the popup shows up on every post. So if a reader reads three posts on the blog during one session, the popup shows up three times even after he/she clicks it off the first time.

    Is it possible to have the popup only show up once per reader (as opposed to once per pageview)? I already have it set to say “show every 60 days.”

    It’s a great plugin! 🙂

      1. Thank you so much for your reply! I have Total Cache. Is there something I need to modify in the code of either the cashing plugin or the elegant subscription plugin? Currently, the popup returns on every new page someone clicks on during one session.

        1. Caching plugin is ideal to optimize the loading speed of the website but it conflicts with other plugins In my opinion deactivating the caching plugin is a good solution.

  8. I followed the directions in the tutorial video and changed the plugin to show two times. However when I log out and test out the site, its not showing at all as I read and click on posts.

  9. Hello, does this plugin allow you to change the window size? One more question, does it allow to be disabled for phones? as it would a very big window

  10. Can the user say, please do not show this again?

    The free version on my computer had the submit button bellow the end of the screen, hence my question.

  11. Hi, such a great plugin, much better than others. Just one question, I am using Mailpoet and I love it, that’s why I came across this plugin because apparently with a shortcode in the popup description area, it will work with Mailpoet. But, my question is…. do you know where I can find this shortcode in the Mailpoet area? I tried to find it but I couldn’t….. Thanks!!!

  12. Hi
    I want to buy pro version of your plugin, but i’m from India and instamojo payment option is not available in payment method, Also wants to know about this email ID visible in paypal payment gateway.


  13. Plugin is beautiful; however, there appears to be no option to disable it for mobile devices. Popup is far too large when displays on phone and is a nuisance. Need to be able to turn it off on specific devices and/or pages.

  14. I fill in all the settings, but it doesn’t show up when I view my website. I press ‘save changes’ and I also have full version.

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