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Simple Adblock Notice

What is Simple Adblock Notice?

Adblock plus is a widely used browser extension which blocks advertisements which affects the blog revenue. Simple Adblock Notice WordPress plugin shows a popup message to white list your website if it detects Adblock plus extension in your browser. It won’t repeatedly annoy the reader but it shows the message with interval set by you.

Simple Adblock Notice

Features of Simple Adblock Notice PRO

Simple Adblock Notice PRO version comes with more features, below is the list of PRO features-

Set your Own Notice Text and Title

You can set your own text for the notice and change the notice title

Disable Notice for Particular Page

You can disable simple adblock notice for particular pages if you do not have the advertisement on them

Strict mode and Sticky Notice

You can choose the “Strict mode” to hide your entire website and you can also show a sticky notice always on the screen to annoy the viewer and make him/her whitelist your website.

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Note: It is not recommended to activate this plugin when your website doesn’t have the advertisements.

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