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Prevent Content Theft

Introduction to Prevent Content Theft WordPress Plugin

Prevent Content Theft [formerly known as Disable Right Click] is a tiny WordPress plugin that prevents the website visitor to right click on your website. The plugin disables Right click context menu on your website and restricts copying the content and images from your website. This plugin is pretty useful for bloggers and online image sellers to protect their valuable content as it avoids direct access to your text, images and source code.

Prevent Content Theft WordPress Plugin

Why You Need Prevent Content Theft WordPress Plugin?

Prevent Content Theft is a useful plugin that decreases the chances of content copying by restricting several browser functionalities. The plugin restricts “View Page Source” option from the right click context menu to avoid your visitor from viewing the source code easily.

This plugin is helpful to protect your copyrighted images as it also blocks “Save Image as” and “Save Image URL” options on the right click menu.

Features of Prevent Content Theft PRO WordPress Plugin

Prevent Content Theft is also available in PRO version which offers more advanced features to avoid content theft and plagiarism. Here is what you get with Prevent Content Theft PRO

Beautiful Alert Box

Uses a beautiful alert box to show the restriction message which automatically hides after few seconds.

Disable Copy and Cut shortcut keys

Doesn’t allow your visitor to press copy (ctrl+c) and cut (ctrl+x) shortcut keys.

Disable Save Shortcut Key

Disables the Save shortcut key (ctrl+s) and restricts saving your website content.

Disable Text/Image Selection

Restricts the selection of text and image.

Disable Image Drag-n-Drop

Disables image drag-n-drop functionality.

Exclude Pages

Most importantly the PRO version provides you with a powerful setting panel to exclude the pages to allow right click on the pages you want.

Though this plugin is not a “Content Theft Protector”, it helps to reduce the content theft of your wordpress website by restricting the right click context menu and cut copy shortcut keys.

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