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WordPress Theme and Plugin Promotion

Promoting a product is an important part of online marketing that gives more exposure to you product and helps to increase the sales. We are wordpress lovers and we do write about wordpress stuff like wordpress theme and plugin reviews. Do you want to promote a wordpress theme or plugin over here at TechSini? Want us to review your product? Then please continue with the article to know why you should promote wordpress theme or wordpress plugin with us.

WordPress Theme and Plugin Promotion

Why Promote WordPress Theme and Plugin with Us?

Here are some reasons why you should promote your wordpress themes and plugins with us-

  • As we already mentioned, we love wordpress and we write about wordpress, we review wordpress themes and plugins in our blog, our main focus is wordpress.
  • We are wordpress developers and contributed several plugins to wordpress. We also offer wordpress theme development service

What All the Things We Promote?

You can promote wordpress theme, wordpress plugin, HTML theme, online tool and services and software with us.

Checkout some of our articles to get some idea about promotion-

How Can I Promote My Product Over Here?

Here are some ways you can use to promote your product with us-

Paid Review

We offer paid review of your product, submit your product such as theme or service to us and we will review your product/service with screenshots.

Banner Ad

You can promote your digital product with a banner advertisement in the sidebar.


Giveaways are the best way of promotion and you can promote your product with giveaway competition.

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