Does Google Adsense Allow Pop-ups on Adsense Enabled Website

Does Google Adsense Allow Pop-ups on Adsense Enabled Websites?”, We get the same question from many of our clients as we are the developers of pop-up wordpress plugins. Elegant Subscription Popup, Simple Adblock Notice and Stylish Notification Popup are our most popular plugins which use pop-ups.

Elegant Subscription Popup is a lead capturing plugin which helps to bring more email subscribers by showing an animated pop-up on your website. Simple Adblock Notice plugin notifies the visitor to whitelist your website from the Adblocker and with Stylish Notification Popup wordpress plugin you can show notifications to your website visitors.

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Does Google AdSense Allow Pop-ups?

The answer for this question is simply “YES”, Google Adsense allows pop-ups on your adsense enabled blog or website, according to AdSense guidelines you can have up to three pop-ups on your website. So using the pop-up wordpress plugins doesn’t break Adsense policy guidelines as long you use 3 pop-ups at a time.

elegant subscription popup

Google Adsense always supports genuine approach to your visitors, you can show a pop-up to get newsletter subscriber for your blog or show some notification to your visitor but it hates the activities like showing a bunch of pop-ups with many “Download” buttons or automatically redirecting to some other affiliate website. All Google Adsense policy is just to make sure that your website should be visitor friendly and disturbance free. Google always strives to give a better web experience and it seeks the same from its publishers.

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