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Stylish Notification Popup

Introduction to Stylish Notification Popup

Stylish notification popup is a responsive popup plugin for wordpress to show attention grabbing message to your visitors with the call to action button. Stylish notification popup comes in free and pro versions, free version comes with basic functionalities and Pro version let you customize font size, popup color, button color, set delay and set Show Every X Days option to your popup to avoid disturbance for your visitors.

stylish notification popup

How Stylish Notification Popup Plugin is Useful?

Stylish Notification Popup can be used to

  • Welcome your website/blog visitor
  • Convey a message or notification
  • Show an important news for your readers
  • Show giveaway announcements

Features of Stylish Notification Popup

Fully Responsive

Stylish Notification Popup is a responsive plugin that adapts with PC, tablet and mobile devices perfectly.

Animation Effects

The popup appears and hides with cool in and out animation effects

WYSIWYG Editor (Available in Pro)

This popup plugin uses WYSIWYG editor in the backend which allows you to customize the text with color, bold, italic and other basic text formatting options. You can also add images inside the popup.

Disturbance Free (Available in Pro)

This popup plugin uses cookies to avoid disturbance. It only appears after the interval of days set by admin. You can also set delay to make the popup appear after some time set by you.

Stylish Notification Popup Free Vs Pro

Features Free Pro
Fully responsive  
Animation effects    
Call to action button    
WYSIWYG editor in the backend  
Customization options to change font size, popup color, button color, button hover color  
Popup delay and Show Every X Day(s) options  
Priority Support  
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