How to Get Whitelisted from AdBlock Plus to Allow Your Ads Everywhere

AdBlock Plus is a most popular cross browser plugin to detect and block annoying advertisements.  AdBlock plugin currently does not intelligently classifies the advertisements, like allowing “acceptable” ads and blocking the “annoying” ads but it blocks all the advertisements which significantly decreases the ad revenue such as Adsense, Bidvertiser and BingAds ads etc. You need to apply to whitelist your website from Adblock Plus.

According to the joint study of Adobe and PageFair, 198 million internet users have installed the Adblock plugin which is estimated to cost approximately $22 billion for publishers.

Fortunately Adblock has signed for “Acceptable Ads” manifesto. If you think, you are one of the Adblock victim and you are using “Acceptable Ads” then you can apply for whitelisting your website from AdBlock plugin. Before continuing to our main topic, let’s know what “Acceptable Ads” is.

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What is “Acceptable Ads”? Can I Apply to Whitelist My Website from Adblock?

Following are the “Acceptable Ads” criteria, you can apply to whitelist your website from Adblock if your website follows these guidelines. Acceptable ad criteria are as follows-

  • Your website should only contain static ads but not the animated ads, text ads are more preferable
  • You should add a label as “Advertisement” to your ads
  • Your ads should be separated from your website content, they should not overlap or very near to your content

How Do I Apply to Whitelist My Website from AdBlock Plus?

You can apply for “Acceptable Ads” If your website matches the acceptable ads criteria but be sure to check twice as adblock whitelisting process is a manual and takes some time,

It takes more than 10 working days to whitelist your website once you apply for it. If your website fails in acceptable ads criteria then again you have to wait for a long time to get whitelisted.

Here is how to apply your website to whitelist from Adblock Plus

  1. Fill out the Acceptable Ads Application, you can submit upto 3 websites using this form at once
  2. The Adblock Plus employee will assess your website to see whether your website matches “Acceptable Ads” criteria
  3. After the assessment you will have to sign an agreement with Adblock Plus and your website will be submitted to Adblock Plus forum to check the genuineness of your proposal and at the same time your ads are whitelisted.

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