Bootstrap 4.2.1 is Out – Check Out The New Bootstrap Components

Bootstrap 4.2.1 has been out with the bug fixes and some cool new components to make your work easier. The new components introduced in Bootstrap 4.2.1 are Toast, Spinner loaders and iOS style switch. Apart from these new components Bootstrap dev team has also included some new useful utility classes. Now let’s have a look at the new components of Bootstrap 4.2.1.

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New Components of Bootstrap 4.2.1


Toast is a customizable alert message which can be used to show push notification to the website visitors. You can place the toast on the bottom right or top right of the screen with custom CSS. The toasts are stacked vertically by default when you have more than one toast. Here is the Bootstrap toast example.

Spinner Loaders

You will get two new loading spinners in this version of Bootstrap – border spinner and growing spinner. You can change the spinner color by appending the bootstrap text color utilities to the spinner class. You can also use these loading spinners inside a button, for example you can show the spinner in the button when the form is being processed which makes your website more interactive.

iOS style Switch

Another component introduced in this version of Bootstrap is iOS style switch which can be used as an alternative for check box. You need to use custom-switch class to turn check box into a trendy iOS style switch.

Apart from these components the Bootstrap dev team has also added some new utility classes, they are font-weight-lighter and font-weight-bolder which can be used to make the text bolder or lighter without any custom CSS. There is another class text-decoration-none to remove the text decoration.

Download the latest version of Bootstrap here!

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