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6 Most Useful Resources for Web Developers to Get Free HTML CSS Snippets

Web development is a creative job and it is important to update ourselves with the new trends of the industry, every day we catch up with the new designs on the web, the more we are creative the more audience we get. Here we have listed the best resources to learn and download creative HTML and CSS snippets such as catchy CSS transitions effects, sticky navigation, sign up and login forms, animated intros, page scroll effects and many more.

You might have already visited Codrops which has the good collection of HTML and CSS snippets, Here we have gathered some websites alternative to Codrops to download free HTML and CSS snippets.

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List of Useful Websites to Download Free HTML CSS Snippets


Codrops is the most popular blog that publishes tutorials for web developers, not only you can read the tutorial but also download the source code and implement it in your website. Codrops is a treasure of HTML and CSS works, here you will find cool navigation bars, slideshow, slider, SVG animation, well-crafted icons, catchy CSS transition and transformation effects etc. Check out Codrops.


CodyHouse is another popular HTML and CSS library alternative to Codrops. Codyhouse has a good collection of HTML and CSS snippets like navigation, accordion, modal window, slider, product tour, page scroll effect, 3D effects, contact form and many more, CodyHouse also offers courses to learn JavaScript and jQuery. Take a look at CodyHouse.


You can learn how to design the best HTML elements and download useful HTML CSS snippets from Onextrapixel tutorial section. Here you can find the HTML and CSS elements like slider, menu, parallax effect, zooming effects, gallery, tabbed panels, CSS preloaders and much more. Download the best HTML/CSS snippets from Onextrapixel.


BootSnipp has the rich library of snippets which can be used in your Bootstrap based projects. Here you will find the code snippets of navigation, forms, badges, thumbnails, buttons, login box, search box and the list goes on. Have a look at BootSnipp right now.

Little Snippets

If you are looking for some cool mouse hover CSS effects then you should check Little Snippets. Little Snippets has the good collection of hover effects, buttons, pricing tables, author box and many more HTML elements. Check out Little Snippets.


Hakim.se has the advanced HTML CSS snippets that includes best scrolling effects, physic based effects, particles, preloaders, page effects and much more. Check out Hakim.se.

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