"> What Are Some Ways to Download YouTube Videos?

What Are Some Ways to Download YouTube Videos?

Are you getting tired of YouTube removing your favorite videos without you realizing it? Or perhaps the uploader has decided to shut down his channel? And what about videos that go private all of a sudden? These things happen whether you like it or not. And there is only one way to fight a problem. The method is not a direct solution, but by becoming proactive and starting to download videos from the platform you will be guaranteed to enjoy them no matter what. But what are the ways to download videos from YouTube?

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Downloads to PC

When you compare the difference between regular computers and MacBooks, it is somewhat easier to download videos to a PC. That is not to say that a MacBook is something out of reach. In fact, there will be a section dedicated to that one.

Now as for a regular computer, you have two options. The first one is getting a special download software and stick to that. The second one is using a browser. Let’s explore both of them.

Downloading Software

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Even for something as trivial as downloading YouTube videos, you have a myriad of choices when it comes to such software. Most of them are completely free, though if you are willing to invest some money, it would be the best overall option.

As far as the most popular ones go, the 4K Downloader is that one pick that you can expect to find in any other guide similar to this one. A quick Google search will direct you to an official page where you can download the software. Install it, paste the video link, choose the format and quality and click the “download” button. 

Most popular YouTube video downloading softwares for PC are 4kdownload, Free Video Downloader by iTube, YTD Video Downloader, aTube Catcher, WinX YouTube Downloader and Any Video Converter.

Using a Browser

The browser method is definitely the best when it comes to hassle-free process. However, it is more than likely that you will not be able to download more than a few videos in a short period of time. There is a cooldown between each download, so please keep that in mind. Again, you need to make use of Google and enter a key phrase, such as “YouTube to MP4”. There should be a place to paste the URL of the video. Once the converting is over, click on the “download” and you are finished.

Here are some best browser-based online YouTube video downloaders ddownr, keepvid.pro, saveclipbro, y2mate, ytoffline, getvideo, youtubemp4 and clipconverter.

The MacBook Problem

download youtube videos on mac

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Now as far as MacBooks users are concerned, you are probably better off by purchasing software that allows you to download these videos. How to download YouTube videos on Mac or any similar inquiries on Google will more than likely direct you to an article which compares the best downloaders. Most of them cost between 10 to 30 dollars, which is not a lot considering. Downie, Elmedia Player, Folx, and AnyTrans are among the most popular.

YouTube Premium

That is right. YouTube themselves give you an option if you have a premium account. However, there is a catch. As you can expect, the likes of YouTube are not very keen on you watching videos on another player. Therefore, you will only be able to download videos using the official player, and the same applies when you want to watch them. All in all, this method is for those who prefer to do everything legally, no matter the drawbacks.

Asking for Help 

Even if you have read all of this and are still struggling, you could always try and ask for help. There should definitely be someone who is tech-savvy and willing to give you a hand, even though it might be a bit embarrassing to request such a thing. 

All in all, when it comes to downloading videos from YouTube, the device you have matters a lot, as well as whether you are willing to spend some money on it to make everything easier. Despite all that, though, this article should be a great guide to everyone who is looking for that extra bit of information on conquering the problem.

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