Released Simple Adblock Notice Pro WordPress Plugin

Hello, we are happy to inform our readers that we have released the PRO version of Simple Adblock Notice WordPress plugin which offers more advanced features to the plugin users. Below is the list of new features available in Simple Adblock Notice Pro WordPress plugin.

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Features of Simple Adblock Notice Pro WordPress plugin

Simple Adblock Notice

Change Notice Title & Text

In the pro version you can specify your own notice text and notice title for the adblock notice.

Disable Notice on Particular Page

Simple Adblock Notice disable on page

Don’t have an advertisement on a particular page? You can simply disable the Simple adblock notice for particular pages if you do not have the advertisement on them. To disable, simply edit the page from the wordpress dashboard, scroll down to “Simple Adblock Notice Settings” box and check “Disable Simple Adblock Notice for this page” checkbox.

Strict and Sticky Notice Mode

Sticky Notice

Along with “Show Notice Once” mode the new version comes with Strict and Sticky Notice modes, Strict mode completely hides your website and sticky notice mode always show nagging non-closable notice to the website visitors which makes your visitor whitelist your website from Adblock extension.

Well, are you interested in the PRO version? Head over to Simple Adblock Notice plugin page and get your copy.

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