How to Send WhatsApp Message Without Saving the Number in Your Contact List

We all are aware of the fact that messaging systems have changed over time. There was a time where offline SMS messages were exchanged to communicate short messages. However, we see a lot of advancements today where SMS is only used for OTPs, missed call alerts, bank transactional messages and few more basic communications while most of the messaging happens over internet driven communication channels like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Google Hangout, Google Chats, and many more where messages are not limited to text only and have better multimedia capabilities including sharing locations. WhatsApp has always been our favorite and lot of them use it for sharing current location to one another.

We have seen one convenience missing when we want to send a one-time message or information without having to save contact information in the directory. Many at times it so happens that we might see the need of sending a “Hi…” message to your friends before you have added his/her contact in your list. Yes, we know that is difficult but here is a tool that makes it easy to send WhatsApp message to anybody without the need of saving their contact.

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How to Send WhatsApp Message Without Saving the Contact Number in Your Contact List

Send WhatsApp Message Without Saving Contact Number

There is a useful online tool available on the web called WhatsUpMessage that let you send the WhatsApp message without saving the contact number in your mobile. WhatsUpMessage tool can help you come over immediate messaging convenience in a better and easy way. Below are the steps how you can get started without having to install additional apps or make any changes in your WhatsApp settings. A simple and easy link for all your needs:

  1. Visit WhatsUpMessage on your phone or PC (connected to
  2. Select the country code from the list if the number is not Indian.
  3. Enter the phone number of the recipient whom you want to send a one-time message.
  4. Click on the Send Message button

The application will send the request to your installed WhatsApp messenger to send the message the recipient.

Who is Most Benefited from this Online Tool?

WhatsUpMessage is however intended to be used for everybody but below are few use cases of who can be most benefited with this tool:

  • A Business owner trying to share his Business Location to a visitor.
  • An HR trying to share her Email ID to a Jobseeker.
  • A new friend with whom you are sharing Contact Card.
  • A delivery person trying to reach you needs more communication.
  • A taxi driver wanting to know your location.
  • Sending a message to your EX while you have deleted his/her contact 😜

and many more ….

Bookmark the link and Share it with your friends and businesses for more people to be benefited.

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