15 Most Useful Online Tools and Generators for Web Developers and Bloggers

Web development is a creative job and blogging needs lots of research. There are many useful tools available for web developers and bloggers to make their work easy and be more productive. Here we have gathered the most useful online tools and generators for web developers and bloggers.

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List of Most Useful Online Tools and Generators for Web Developers and Bloggers

Lorem Ipsum Generator

Want to generate some dummy text until your client provides the original content? Lorem Ipsum Generator Chrome plugin will do that. You can generate the dummy text without leaving the current tab with this Lorem Ipsum Generator extension.


GenerateWP is one stop solution to generate WordPress code. You can generate WP_Query, sidebar, widget, menu, plugin readme file and much more with GenerateWP.

Blog Title Generator

Tweakyourbiz has coded a useful title generator tool to generate the title for your article. Simply enter your topic and hit “Submit” to generate hundreds of titles for your topic. Check out Title Generator.

HTML5 Boilerplate

HTML5 Boilerplate let you generate a basic HTML template in seconds. You can generate responsive Bootstrap based HTML template with HTML5 Boilerplate.

Drag & Drop Form Builder for Bootstrap

Coding a bootstrap form takes some time as you need to write a long HTML markup, but here is nice drag & drop form builder available built by Bootsnipp that helps to create a Bootstrap form with drag & drop interface and get the source code, check out Bootstrap form builder.

CSS Animate

Creating cross-browser CSS animation needs expertise and takes lots of time but here is a CSS animation maker tool that makes it easy to generate CSS animations in minutes. Check out CSS Animate.

CSS Arrow Please

Are you struggling to create an arrow with pure CSS? Generate CSS based arrow for your project In seconds with CSS Arrow Please.

Multi Device Website Mockup Generator

Do you want to see how your website looks on Apple devices? Multi Device Website Mockup Generator tool let you generate website mockup on Apple devices like Apple iMac, iPad and iPhone. Check out this free mockup generator tool.

Google Map Maker

Want to add the map of your office at the contact page of your website? You can do that easily with Google map maker. Add your/your client’s business to Google Map with Google Map Maker now.

Dummy image

Dummy image let you generate dynamic dummy image for your website, you can dynamically set the size, background color and text color for your dummy image. Check out dummy image.

HTML UL LI List Generator

HTML UL LI List Generator let you generate HTML list from plain text, you can generate UL LI, OL LI, Options and paragraph. Just add your text separated by “Enter” key and click on “Generate”. Generate HTML list with HTML UL LI List Generator.


With CSSmatic you can generate box shadow, border radius, gradient and noise texture. Check out CSSmatic.


CSS3gen is a useful tool that consists a set of CSS generators such as border, shadow, text shadow, transform and text effects. Have a look at css3gen.


EnjoyCSS is a one stop CSS generator, you can generate shadow, border, transition, transform and even customize the HTML elements with EnjoyCSS.

Drop Shadow Generator

Themeshock have created a handy online shadow generator with instant preview. Give a try to Themeshock’s Drop Shadow Generator.

Do you know any helpful tools for web developers and bloggers? Please do share in the comment.

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