Google May Block the AdBlockers in the Upcoming Chrome Update

Here comes the interesting news for bloggers and web publishers, of course, this is good news for publishers who are losing their revenue by adblockers. Google is working on the new update of Chrome extension (Chrome Extension Manifest V3) which blocks adblocker’s access to Chrome.

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Google may block adblockers with Chrome Manifest v3

Manifest v3 is the upcoming update for Chrome extension which improves the Chrome extension’s performance and security. In the new update, Google has replaced webRequest API with declarativeNetRequest API. This is where the adblockers getting hurt.

Most of the adblockers use webRequest API to block the advertisements and tracking codes. In the new update, Google has asked developers to use declarativeNetRequest API, with this declarativeNetRequest API chrome extensions can only send the list of blocking patterns to Chrome (Chromium based browser) and based on these pattern Chrome blocks the content, practically this is not easy.

Another important thing is “limitation”, Google has set the limitation to filter only 30k rules in the declarativeNetRequest API. Most of the adblockers load more than 100k rules to detect the advertisements on the webpage, with the new limitation they can only load 30k rules which is the biggest drawback for the adblockers.

Why Google has Set the Limitation for API in Manifest v3?

We have already mentioned that Google has set the limitation to filter only 30k entries in declarativeNetRequest API. The reason behind this limitation is to increase the performance and speed up the Chrome browser.

Adblockers, script blockers and tracker blockers load thousands of rules which slows downs the Chrome browser, this API limitation is intended to make the Chrome browser faster and enhance the browsing experience.

Why Google has Taken this Step? Will Google Really Block the Adblockers?

Google has initiated this step mainly for 2 reasons, the first one has been already mentioned in this article i.e. to speed up the browser, secondly to tackle with the adblockers.

Google’s main sources of income is online advertisement and with the Manifest V3 update, Google has taken a big step to tackle the adblockers which are interrupting Google’s advertisement revenue. Google will not directly block or ban any adblockers but it may make them non-working with the new API.


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