Crelly – Not Less than Any Paid WordPress Slider Plugin on the Web

Crelly which is one of my favorite free responsive wordpress slider plugin, has just got an update. The all new Crelly 1.1.0 slider brings a bunch of new useful features and enhancements along with transitions and layered animations. now one can say, Crelly wordpress slider is not less than any premium wordpress slider plugin available on the web.

Here we have discussed about the new features of all new Crelly WordPress slider plugin. Are you new to Crelly slider? Check out our earlier article Crelly- The 100% Free Responsive WordPress Slider Plugin.

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New Features of Crelly Free WordPress Slider Plugin

Import and Export Sliders

export crelly slider

The new update let you import/export the sliders to use them in different website. You can export or import the slider from Crelly dashaboard with a single click. It is a time saver option for web developers. This feature was highly needed for crelly to compete with a paid slider plugin. It was also the most requested feature on the forum.

Now Supports Video

add video to crelly slider

Thanks to the developer, the Crelly WordPress slider plugin now supports YouTube and Vimeo videos, so now you can make your slider more interesting by adding some catchy video clips. Click on “Add Video” button and specify your video ID to add a video clip inside the slide.

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Duplicate Sliders and Slides

Now you can duplicate sliders and slides in crelly, this feature let you create slider more efficiently and quickly.

Custom CSS Classes for Elements

Now you can add custom CSS class for any element on the slider to style it as you need. This was a much required feature and is available with this update.

Slider Preloader Just Got Better

No more boring gray background while loading now. Crelly uses first slider with blurred effect as background while loading now.

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Improved Navigation and Controls

Slide navigators and controls are now more elegant in look.

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