"> 5 Big Link Building Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid

5 Big Link Building Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid

One common trick to make your website rank high on Google is to get your link placed on high authority websites. Many people have been advocating the use of this concept as it directly benefits your SEO and gets more customers to your website. However, building links is not easy and here are 5 mistakes in this field that you must avoid.

5 Link Building Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid

5 Link Building Mistakes to Avoid

1. Garnering links in bad reputation websites

Do not fall into the trap of linking with sites which are low in terms of reputation: spam sites, online betting sites, and duplicate content sites are just a few of them. Search engines do not appreciate such sites and if you have a link in them they would not like you too. You can always take the help of link building services to decide which websites are the best to choose from. SEOoutreachers.com bot only knows which sites to pursue but also knows the tricks to place your linking in high authority websites so that they do not look forced.

2. Buying/selling links

It is true that getting links on multiple sites is the sure-shot way to get attention. But, if you buy links then you are sure to get blacklisted from the search engines. Often these search engines know that you have been using the wrong methods to boost your ranking. They only like natural links and any forced link is sure to get noticed and punished. Instead of buying links get in touch with the correct content creation agency and get some blog posts written which can be published on relevant sites. Make sure to add a backlink to your website on that page.

3. Backlinks only from high PR websites

Though Google has never mentioned this as an offense it is always wise to put your links on both high and low PR websites. If you only focus your attention on high PR websites the result may not look genuine. It is always better to keep your links on both kinds of websites and keep a variation in the type of domain you are finally choosing.

4. No anchor text linking

The anchor text you use for your blog/ article holds a lot of importance. If the targeted keyword is used as an anchor text then it definitely ranks well on Google. Instead of writing things like check this and click here if your link is attached to a keyword then that proves to be a bonus feature for you. Just getting a backlink on a high authority website is not enough; you need to make sure that you are using the keyword naturally too.

5. Too many links too soon

For you, it might be the right strategy to get as many links as possible in a short period of time. However, this strategy backfires as you come in the line of fire of Google. Some of the search engines even remove that website from the indexing which is something that you may not want. Never attempt to do link building in a hurry. It should always be done over a period of time then only the results would be fruitful.


Creating and managing backlinks to improve web SEO is not an easy task. Despite having many benefits there is always the chance that not following the instructions carefully may damage the result you may receive out of this exercise. Get in touch with seooutreachers.com if you want extraordinary and beneficial links to boost your ranking.  With expertise in this field, they would eliminate the negative backlinks and only publish worthwhile content on high authority website to give you the kind of exposure you require.

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