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Are You Building Backlinks? Be Well Aware of Unnatural Links

Link building is an important aspect of blogging which adds great value to your website. Building quality backlinks push your website ahead in the search ranking and make it more visible. Remember we said “quality backlinks” and not any backlink, yes only the quality backlinks are good for SEO, Google penalizes your site if your website gets unnatural backlinks which will badly affect the website ranking.

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What is Unnatural Link?

Any backlink that violates Google’s link scheme is considered as an unnatural link by Google and your site would be penalized for getting such unnatural links.

What Google Link Scheme Says About Unnatural Link?

According to Google link scheme one should not buy or sell the links that transfer the page rank, not only for passing the page rank but also for money as well, Google link scheme also hates mass mutual linking.

It is also mentioned in Google link scheme that getting a backlink for offering a free product or service is also considered as an unnatural link.

Well, Google link scheme doesn’t hate backlinks but all it says that the backlink you get should be natural, from relevant site and should be a unique one. They clearly stated this point in the last paragraph of Google link scheme page.

How Do I Find if My Website has Unnatural Links?

Well, if Google detects any unnatural links for your website then it sends a message to your Google Webmaster Console, you can find these messages in Webmaster tool’s manual actions page.

There are also some online tools available which help to find unnatural links for your website. Following are some good online tools to find out unnatural links for free and trial basis.

CognitiveSEO: CognitiveSEO is an online SEO tool to improve website ranking and traffic. This tool comes with useful components like backlink analysis, content audit and rank tracking etc. CognitiveSEO also comes with unnatural link detection tool to find out the backlinks that might cause the penalty to your website. Check your website for bad links with CognitiveSEO.

Linkquidator: Linkquidator is a dedicated online tool to find out unnatural links. Linkquidator checks your backlinks with 20 parameters to check if the link is harmful. Check out Linkquidator.

Toxic Backlink Checker by WebCEO: This tool helps to find potentially harmful backlinks, it scans for the bad links, shows details about the link and why it is treated as a bad link. Check out this tool here.

What to Do if My Website has Unnatural Links?

A backlink that is treated as unnatural link must be removed therefore you should contact and ask the website owner to either remove the backlink or make it no-follow because Google doesn’t consider a link as an unnatural link if it is a no-follow link.

I am a WordPress Developer, Can I Add Credit Link for My Plugins or Themes?

If you are a WordPress developer and do put credit link on your WordPress plugins or themes then make sure to add a no-follow link. Google will not consider such link as an unnatural link.

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