How Secure is Your WordPress Website? Here is Free WordPress Security Checker Tool

Have you ever checked for the loop holes or security issues of your website? Not yet? Well here is a free wordpress security checker tool available to check the security issues of your wordpress website i.e. WPRecon.

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Introduction to WPRecon WordPress Security Checker Tool


WPRecon is a free and non-intrusive wordpress security checker tool which is useful to check security issues and vulnerabilities of your wordpress website. All you need is to enter your website URL in the input box and submit it, your will get the website security report in seconds.

How WPRecon Checks the Security Issues of your Website?

wordpress security checker tool

WPRecon checks for the security issues such as Google safe browse check, Google malware check, user enumeration, linked iframes, linked javascript and directory indexing etc. You will get all these results in a single page which is helpful to analyze the security and loop holes of your website.

Google safe browse check makes sure that your website is free from malwares and Google Malware Check detects if your website links to any malware or dangerous websites.

Along with this, WPRecon detects the wordpress version you are using, it detects the installed wordpress theme and plugins and checks if they are all updated to the latest version.

WPRecon also shows the server information such as on which server the website is hosted, IP address, provider and location of the server.

Is WPRecon Free to Use? What are the Other Possibilities of WPRecon?

Yes, WPRecon is a free wordpress security checker tool. WPRecon can also be used to check the plugins and theme installed in your competitor’s website.

Check out the security of your website with WPRecon now. You can also get the WordPress security tips on this page.

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