WordPress 4.4 is Coming! Here is What is New in WordPress 4.4

WordPress 4.4 is on its way with the new features and the brand new Twenty Sixteen theme. The 2nd beta version of WordPress 4.4 has been already released. In this article we have described about the new features of WordPress 4.4.

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What Are the New Features of WordPress 4.4

All New Twenty Sixteen Theme

twenty sixteen wordpress theme

WordPress 4.4 will be shipped with the brand new Twenty Sixteen WordPress theme designed by Takashi Irie. The theme comes with classic blog layout with an optional right sidebar and custom color options. Twenty Sixteen is highly adaptive which fits perfectly with modern devices.

Images are Responsive by Default in WordPress Now

This feature brings the smile on wordpress theme developer’s faces, yes, now wordpress automatically serves responsive images on posts and pages according to the screen resolution of the device. Now wordpress theme developers need not bother about the responsive classes such ‘img-responsive’ (bootstrap) for images.

Embedding Just Got Better

WordPress 4.4 features better embedding as it supports the oEmbed standard, so it also possible to embed previews of posts from other wordpress website.

What WordPress Developers Can Expect from WordPress 4.4?

Good Bye wp_title()

There are many stuffs for wordpress developers in this new release. The most important update in WordPress 4.4 is that, wp_title() is deprecated. You will surely miss the coding of wp_title() around the title tags if you are a wordpress theme developer henceforth. WordPress will manage the title automatically.

Added WordPress REST API

WordPress 4.4 has been incorporated with the WordPress REST API plugin. It is now easier to play with the wordpress data now for wordpress developers.

Other Developer Enhancements

Along with the features mentioned above, Taxonomy term metadata is added and WP_Comment class has been tweaked in WordPress 4.4.

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  1. Nice.. Shrinivas, what about the websites we have developed using custom theme and have used wp_title() function? Do we need to update all the websites again to support WordPress 4.4?

  2. Thanks Shrinivas, this means I will need not edit the old websites but in future would not use the function.

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