Releasing Simple Adblock Notice 2

Here we are releasing Simple Adblock Notice 2.0 wordpress plugin. Simple Adblock Notice is redesigned to detect Adblock Plus plugin. Here is the note the new features and FAQ.

What is New in Simple Adblock Notice 2?

New Adblock Detection Technique

Simple Adblock Notice 2 uses new Adblock detection technique as the earlier method is not working. This plugin only works for Google Adsense.

Strict Mode

The new version comes with strict mode which hides your website content instead of just showing a popup. The visitors are not allowed to view the content unless they whitelist your website in Adblock Plus.

Simple Adblock Notice 2.0 FAQ

Is this plugin only supports Google Adsense?

Yes, this wordpress plugin only detects the Adblock Plugin if your website uses Adsense Asynchronous ads.

How much time it takes to detect Adblock Plus plugin?

It takes around 10 seconds to detect Adblock Plus.

This plugin is not working as expected.

Please disable the caching plugin to make this plugin work properly.

  Download Simple Adblock Notice

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