Opera Comes With Built-in Ad Blocker- One More Pitfall for Bloggers

Hi there, here is a breaking news for bloggers and publishers – Opera, which is one of the popular browsers has released the new version of Opera with built in ad blocker. Of course it is a good news for the people who hate annoying popups and ads but it is really a pitfall for bloggers and publishers who are served by ad revenue. Till now none of the browsers have built in ad blocker, but opera has added this feature for its web browser.

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Opera’s Built-in Ad blocker- Is This a Good Move?

Opera built in adblocker

Well, as mentioned earlier Opera’s built in adblocker is a good feature for people who love to surf the web faster and ad-free, websites load 3 times faster according to Opera with its new built-in adblocker. Opera also claims that its built-in adblocker is faster than third party add-ons such as AdBlock Plus extension. So it is a good move for web surfers who want to surf the web without any disturbance but it is really a bad move for bloggers and web publishers who rely on advertisement revenue.

What Could Opera Have Done?

Well, instead of blocking all the ads, Opera could have allowed 2-3 ads per page or they could have allowed trusted ad publishers like Google Adsense and Yahoo ads as these publishers use asynchronous ads which doesn’t mess with page load time.

What is the Solution for Bloggers and Publishers?

Opera’s built in adblocker is a stumbling block for bloggers, the one and only solution to tackle adblocker is to install the wordpress plugin that asks the visitors to whitelist their website from the adblocker. Check out Best WordPress Plugins to Detect Adblock Extension and Avoid it

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