Learn and Share WordPress Knowledge with World of WP

WordPress is an ocean, it updates almost every day, whether there is a WordPress theme, plugin or function, every day some new stuff gets introduces to WordPress.

So how to keep updated yourself with WordPress stuff? Or how to gain more knowledge about WordPress? Well, World of WordPress is there to help you. Here not only you can read WordPress related articles but can also share your WordPress stuff. So what is World of WP? Read on.

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What is World of WordPress?

World of WordPress is a directory of WordPress articles, here you can find the WordPress related articles from all over the World. You can browse the WordPress articles from Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe and the United States of America.

World of WordPress

World of WP has a user-friendly interface, it uses AJAX for loading WordPress articles so you can just scroll down to load more WordPress related articles. With the World of WP navigation menu, you can filter WordPress articles by continental and country. You can like or share your favorite WordPress article on different social medias like Twitter Google plus or Facebook.

There is a search box on the header which let you search for a specific topic listed in World of WordPress website.

Share Your WordPress Articles on World of WordPress

Do you write WordPress stuff? Want some exposure for your articles? You can submit your blog to World of WordPress directory, your articles will be listed on World of WP once your blog gets approved. World of WP only accepts self-hosted WordPress blogs.

How to Submit Your Blog to World of WordPress?

All you need is to fill out World of WP’s blog submission form. You have to enter your name, email, blog URL, blog feed URL, country and blog language. You also need to attach your blog’s logo in the submission form. World of WordPress only accepts the blogs that write on WordPress niche.

Check out World of WordPress and start exploring WordPress articles now.

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