"> HTML ListGEN – HTML List Generator Tool for Web Developers

HTML ListGEN – A Handy HTML List Generator Tool for Web Developers

Hi folk, we are happy to launch another useful tool for web developers that is HTML ListGEN. We hope this new tool helps web developers to save their valuable time and energy for creating HTML list and options.

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What is HTML ListGEN?

HTML ListGEN is a handy tool to convert your raw text into HTML list, options and paragraph elements etc. Assume you have a long list of text and you want add list tag (ul > li) for each line of text, doing it manually is really a time taking job but HTML ListGEN does it within seconds.

You can easily convert your text to unordered list (UL LI), ordered list (OL LI), drop-down list (Select Option) and paragraph (P) elements etc. with this tool.

How to Use HTML ListGEN List Generator?

Using this tool is easy, paste your text separated by “Enter” key in the text box and select the HTML list type you want to generate, finally click on the “Generate” button, that’s it, the HTML list or option will generated within seconds. You can copy the generated list with a single click.

Below are the screenshots of this tool-


HTML ListGEN screenshot-2


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