How to Monetize Your WordPress Plugin to Earn Extra Income

WordPress plugin development starts as a hobby, you learn many new things with the wordpress plugin development, you just start with a simple plugin but later you add new features and add settings page to your plugin to make it customizable. WordPress plugin development brings name and fame to you and your website. But how to make money by selling wordpress plugin without setting up any payment gateway? Is there any platform available to sell wordpress plugin? In this article we have discussed on how to sell wordpress plugin to make some extra money. Before going to our main topic lets discuss why sell wordpress plugin.

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Why Should You Sell Your WordPress Plugin?

As said earlier WordPress plugin development brings name and fame to you but what about the man hour you spend for the development? And your plugin users starts asking for the support once your wordpress plugin gets popular. Some users also asks for additional features. So it is good idea to sell your wordpress plugin which also encourages you for future development.

How to Sell WordPress Plugin Without Setting Up A Payment Gateway?

The best strategy to sell wordpress plugin is making the plugin Freemium. Freemium means making two versions of your plugin, one is the lite version which you have to host in wordpress plugin directory and another one is premium version with additional features. So how to sell your premium version of wordpress plugin?

Freemius – Let You Sell Your Freemium WordPress Plugin

sell wordpress plugin

Freemius is the best platform that let you sell your premium version of wordpress plugin. Freemius provides a full-fledged user management system, version updates, analytics and secure payment etc. You need not even worry about managing your free and premium plugin versions, just upload your premium version to Freemius and it will generate free version for you.

Freemius also has the plan to build a platform to sell wordpress themes individually in the near future. Hope it will launch soon and make selling wordpress themes easier for wordpress theme developers.

Well, head over to Freemius to sell your wordpress plugin now.


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