How to Fix 404 Error After Migrating WordPress Website To New Server

Most of the web developers develop website on localhost and then migrate it to the live server after completing the project. There are many advantages of developing website locally rather than on live server. Creating website locally makes it easy to build website faster compared to developing on server but some time you may get 404 error after migrating your wordpress website to the live server. Here is how to fix 404 error (page not found) after migrating wordpress website.

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Why Am I Getting 404 Error or 500 Internal Server Error After Moving WordPress Website?

Before fixing “404 error after migration” let’s know why you are getting 404 error (page not found). The issue behind this error is permalink. You will get 500 internal server error if you have not moved htaccess file to the new server.

How to Fix 404 Error after Migrating WordPress Website?

Follow the steps below to fix 404 error after moving wordpress website-

  1. Login to your moved wordpress dashboard
  2. Navigate to “Settings >> Permalink” page
  3. Click on “Post name” radio button (or option you have used in localhost development)
    Fix 404 Error After Migrating WordPress Website
  4. And click on “Save Changes” button

That’s it now reload your website to check if 404 error is fixed.

How to Fix 500 Internal Server Error After Moving WordPress Website?

Simply check whether you have moved .htaccess file to the new server properly to fix 500 internal server error of your wordpress website.


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