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How to Find Out the Things Quickly in WordPress Admin

How do you find something in wordpress admin area? If you want to find a post you would go to Posts >> All Posts and then search posts, the same task applies for searching pages or wordpress settings. It’s time taking right? There are some wordpress plugins available which let you find out the required post, page or wordpress setting in one place.

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Best WordPress Admin Search Plugins



Alladin is a quick wordpress admin searching plugin that not only let you search post, page or setting but also let you add new post, page. Alladin is quite easy to use, just press the Shift key twice in the admin area and you will get a search input box that let you search anything quickly, Alladin suggests the keywords as you type on. Check out Alladin.

WP Jump-Menu

wp jump menu

WP Jump-Menu is another good wordpress admin search plugin which takes place on the admin bar once installed and activated. The plugin is helpful to find out the page, post, custom post or media file. Know more and download WP Jump-Menu.



OmniSearch by Jetpack helps you quickly search the post, page, comment and plugin. OmniSearch locates at the top right corner of your wordpress dashboard with a small search icon and pop outs with an input box when clicked. Download OmniSearch.

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