Here is How The Big Firms of Web are Dealing with AdBlockers

The Internet is open source, on the web, anyone can search and read the content he/she is interested in. Most of the web is solely dependent on the advertisement revenue just like Television. According to a survey, there are more than 600 million Adblock users on the web and it is badly affecting the publisher’s advertisement revenue.

Even the big firms of the web are losing the great amount of advertisement revenue due to the increased users of adblockers. So here is how these big companies are tackling the adblockers.

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forbes adblocker

Forbes is a well known American business magazine, it publishes the articles about finance, investing, marketing, technology, communications, science and politics etc. Forbes is famous for its list articles like the list of world’s richest people, top 10 fastest cars etc.

Forbes doesn’t allow you to read its articles if your adblocker is on, it adds a semitransparent layer on the article with the message box asking to whitelist the website on your adblocker.


CNBC adblocker

CNBC is a leading business news channel that covers financial and stock market news. CNBC website shows the message box to whitelist their website on the Adblocker if you visit them with the adblocker extension. The message box has the button called “Turn AdBlocker Off for CNBC” which takes you to the instruction page on how to whitelist the website on Adblocker.

Business Today

businesstoday adblocker

Business Today is a fortnightly business magazine published in India, it covers the news related to the corporate sector, stock market and technology etc. The there article gets overlapped with the message requesting to whitelist their website on the adblocker, they have added a note about how to whitelist the website from the adblocker on the message.

The Independent

Independent adblocker

The Independent is a popular British online newspaper which covers the news of politics, science, health, travel, fashion, food and sports etc. The website shows a popup about why online advertising revenue is important for them.

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  1. This are ads that motivate us bloggers to write content and make living. Ad Blockers are really against open internet. Thanks for sharing I was finding the methods to tackle this problem.

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