Google Chrome is Getting Major UI Revamp- Here’s How It Looks

Google Chrome – one of the best products of Google is getting a major UI revamp this year. Chrome is a most popular and widely used browser which is getting major UI changes for all the device formats including desktop, tablet and mobile. Recently we noticed the updates made to the Gmail which has got material design UI, and now Chrome is in the queue.

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Here are the New UI Changes made to Google Chrome Desktop

The New Google Chrome has the refreshing UI which resembles Firefox browser, we can notice the major alterations in the tab bar and address bar. Here is the list of changes made to Google Chrome.

New Google Chrome UI Update

Slightly Rounded Tabs

Chrome tab uses the triangular design since its release, but the new update is going to have a slightly rounded edged design for the tabs. The tab color has also got changed to white which is smoky white in the current version, the tab bar color is light grey in the updated version.

Rounded Address Bar

The new version of Chrome is going to have a rounded address bar with the light grey background color. “Secure” text has got removed from “View Site Information” button which is located inside the address bar.

User Profile Switcher

User Profile Switcher is moved left to the address bar in the new version which is currently located in the tab bar. Instead of name, the new user profile switcher is going to have the user icon.

Chrome UI Changes for Tablet and Mobile Devices

Chrome Canary Mobile Screenshot

The Chrome tablet and mobile version also have the rounded address/search bar with no outline or shadow effects. The website information button (“I” button) is added to the address bar which is not there in the current mobile/tab version.

The tab switcher has slightly rounded corners and the new “switch to incognito” button appears when you press the tab switcher button. Tab switching is stacked horizontally in the new version.

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