"> How to Get Uninterrupted Traffic Even If You Don’t Blog Regularly

How to Get Uninterrupted Traffic Even If You Don’t Blog Regularly

Many people do blogging as a part time job, they can’t post regularly due to their busy schedules, then how to keep up the traffic if you are not a regular blogger? Well, here we have come up with the few tips that help to get some good amount of traffic even if you don’t blog often.

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Keep Posting Older Articles to Social Media

Posting your older articles to your social media pages helps to maintain the traffic, there are some plugins available to post your articles automatically to your social media pages, but you can do it manually by using the hash tag to get more attention to your posts.

Revive Old Post is a good WordPress plugin to share older posts automatically to multiple social media accounts. There are many options available in this plugin such as choosing interval time to share the posts, selecting hashtags for sharing older posts and excluding categories etc. it is also possible to integrate Google analytics with this plugin to know the sharing stats. Check out this plugin here.

Share Interesting Topics and News in Your Blog’s Social Media Page

Social media is one of the best ways to generate uninterrupted traffic, whether you blog regularly or not but don’t forget to share interesting topics and news related to your blog niche, it not only helps to bring the traffic to your website but also helps to get more likes and follows for your social media profiles.

Do Commenting

Commenting in similar niche blogs is another way to keep getting the traffic. All you need is to spend just around 15 minutes a day on commenting. Instead of just saying “Nice article” ask some questions or share your thoughts about the article while commenting to get approved.

Remove the Date Field

You can remove the published date from your article. This is a bit tricky but not difficult if you are familiar with WordPress development. Go to your theme’s single.php and find the PHP code something like <?php the_time( ‘j F Y’ ); ?> and delete it. Be sure to backup the file before doing any changes so that you can revert if something goes wrong.

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