Crelly- The 100% Free Responsive WordPress Slider Plugin

There are lots of wordpress plugins out there to create awesome responsive sliders for your website. Soliloquy, meta slider, flexslider, wowslider, slidedeck and wooslider are the most popular slider plugins for wordpress. But are these slider plugins 100% free to use? As a developer can you use these slider plugins in your wordpress themes with full freedom? The answer is simply “NO”. The wordpress slider plugins mentioned above can be only used in a non-commercial project and must purchase the developer license if you want to use them in your commercial project.

Is There Any 100% Free WordPress Slider Plugin Available For Commercial Project?

Crelly slider

Yes, it is a good news that recently a 100% free and open source wordpress slider plugin has been introduced which can be used in your commercial project i.e. Crelly slider.

Introduction to Crelly WordPress Slider Plugin

Crelly is a feature packed slider plugin for wordpress that comes with cool slide transition effects, layered animation and drag and drop slider builder in the backend. It comes with an easy to use backend options panel to make a perfect slider for your website, no matter whether you are a newbie or an experienced wordpress developer.

Crelly slider backend

Features of Crelly Responsive WordPress Slider Plugin

Easy to Use

Crelly wordpress slider plugin has an easy to use backend with drag and drop feature to create sliders in minutes with catchy animation and transition.

Transition and Animation Effects

Crelly comes with bunch of transition and animation effects, you can set transition delay of your choice and apply animation to any element of the slider.

Fully Responsive

Crelly is fully responsive that means it adapts itself to mobile, tablet and PC without affecting the animation or transition.

Browser Support

This slider plugin has good compatibility with browsers, it even supports Internet Explorer 8!

Open Source

Finally and most importantly, Crelly wordpress slider plugin is open source and hence can be used to create unlimited sliders in commercial projects too.


  Download Crelly slider


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