A Brief History of Blogging and WordPress That Every Blogger Should Know

We all love Blogging and WordPress but very few of us know the history of blogging and WordPress. In this writing we have noted down the brief history of Blogging and WordPress that every blogger wants to know.

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Brief History of Blogging and WordPress

A Brief History of Blogging and WordPress

Rise of Blogging

Back in 2003, when Google acquired Blogger (also known as blogspot) many tech savvies started to have their own blogs, blogging was just a hobby at that time and there was no concept of “blogging as profession” or “earning with blogging” yet, people just used to write about their hobbies, interests, cooking and travelling etc. “Hey, I have a blog” are something catchy words then.

Migration from Google Blogger to WordPress

“Blogging” became a professional platform when Google introduced Google Adsense and integrated it with Blogger. A blogging boom was started and Google’s Blogger became popular. WordPress was a child at that time but soon it pulled Google’s Blogger down. Professional bloggers who realized the power of wordpress migrated their blogs from Blogger to WordPress.

Blogging as a Career

Blogging is really a best platform to get some extra income but only when it is executed in a proper way. It needs lots of patience, efforts and research. A blogger should be updated with the new trends and happenings of his/her niche. The skills like web designing and programming are the advantages for your blogging career which helps to customize your blog the way you want and sell your digital works.

Blog Monetization

Blogging is having tough time with Adblocker extensions, according to a study, 198 million users are using adblocker in their browsers which is seriously affecting the advertisement income of bloggers, even web browsers are coming pre-installed with adblocker. Is your Adsense revenue down with Adblocker browser extensions? We have come up with a wordpress plugin which asks users to whitelist your website from adblocker. Try our Simple Adblock Notice WordPress Plugin.

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