Blog Title Generator – A Free Tool to Generate Catchy Title for Your Article

Hey folk, here we are launching the new online tool for bloggers – “Blog Title Generator”.

Writing the article is easy but assigning a catchy title to that is a tricky job, picking a right title for the blog post is an important task, an article with catchy title gets more attention and social media shares. Here is a tool that let you generate the best title for your article.

Introduction to Blog Title Generator

The name of the tool says it all, Blog Title Generator is a useful tool for bloggers to generate the title for articles. With this tool, you can generate the title for list articles, how-to articles and product review articles. You can generate the attention grabbing titles with this tool in seconds.

Blog Title Generator

How to Generate the Blog Title with Blog Title Generator Tool?

Just enter the subject and some required fields in the respective input boxes and press “Generate” button to generate a list of titles. For example, if you want to generate a title for the list article then enter ‘number of items’, ‘subject’ and ‘useful for’ fields and press “Generate” button, here the ‘number of items’ could be 5, ‘subject’ as ‘SEO Tricks’ and ‘useful for’ field can be ‘Ranking’.

You will get 8 generated titles on the screen. You can click on “Show Me More” button to generate more titles. Click on the generated title to copy it to the clipboard.

How this Article Title Generator Tool is Useful for Me?

Usually picking a right title for your article takes some time but with this tool, you will instantly get the list of titles, you can just pick a right title from the generated list and use it as the title for your article.

This tool helps to generate the best title for your article to grab your visitor’s attention and get more facebook shares and tweets.

What to do you think about this tool? Any suggestions or feedbacks? Let’s know with comments.

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