"> 8 Best jQuery Parallax Plugins to Add Cool Parallax Effect [Best of the Web]

8 Best jQuery Parallax Plugins to Add Stunning Parallax Effect [Best of the Web]

We have already covered about how to add parallax background effect for a website using parallax.js, in this article we have listed the best jquery parallax plugins to add stunning parallax effects to images as well as other HTML elements. Along with jQuery parallax plugins we have also included a pure javascript plugins in this list.

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Best jQuery Parallax Plugins


Stellar.js is a handy jquery parallax plugin to add parallax effect to any HTML element. Just initiate the stellar script and specify the ratio data attribute to any element for which you want to apply the parallax effect.

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Parallax.js is a simple jquery parallax plugin to parallax background to your website, this plugin is quite easy to use with handful of options to customize the parallax effect. Check out our earlier article – How to add parallax background image to your website with parallax.js.

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jquery.parallax by Stephen.band let you create interactive parallax effects for your website. You need to add your parallax layers using UL LI HTML tags and initiate this plugin to apply parallax effects to the layers.

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Scrollmagic is a popular scrolling animation library that also let you add cool parallax effects to your HTML elements.

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Scrolly another useful jquery plugin to add parallax effects to HTML elements. It is similar to Stellar.js and simple to use.

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Scrolldeck.js powered by srcollorama is another plugin to add parallax effect to website.

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Fallings.js is another easy to use jquery based parallax plugin with some customization options.

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Rellax is a lightweight silky smooth vanilla javascript parallax library which also works on mobile devices. It is less than 1 KB in size.

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Simple Parallax [Updated]

Simple Parallax is a light weight and very easy to use jQuery plugin which let you apply the parallax effect to your images with just a single line of code. A notable feature of this plugin is that you can set the parallax orientation such as up, down, right or left. You can also change the scaling.

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Well, these are some best of the web jquery parallax plugins to add cool parallax effects to your HTML elements as well as for the background,  Stellar.js among these is our favorite parallax plugin which is butter smooth and very easy to implement. Do you know any good plugin? why don’t you share in comment.

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  1. Nice tutorial. I have implemented jQuery Parallax effect for background layer using ‘data-turbo-parallax’ attribute. Do you know for other scrolling or falling effect which attribute work ?

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