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5 Things To Do Before Starting With Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is gaining prominence as a reputable method to get your customers to know you. The influencers used are credible enough to vouch for your brand and convince the customers to make a choice in your favor. However, influencer marketing cannot be done without a proper chalked out plan. Here we tell you 5 things that you should do before starting with influencer marketing.

Ask questions

First of all you need to know why you wish to use Influencer marketing. What is it that you intend to achieve by starting the campaign? Boosting brand awareness? Gaining sales? Engagement? There are multiple possibilities and you need to know which one suits your need the most. Lastly, you want to know which are the key performance indicators that would decide your campaign is a success or not? If there is any doubt you can consult an influencer marketing agency to help you make the decision. PRchitects knows the basics of influencer marketing and hence can guide you in chalking out a perfect plan to deal with it.

Searching for the influencers

Use appropriate hashtags to search for the most suitable influencers for you. Just type the category you are dealing with and look for people who have written about that category. It is also important that you do not just pick up the first few people that come your way. Expand your search and include people who have almost similar interests as yours and can gather attention for your brand.

Look for micro-influencers

A micro-influencer normally varies as per the industry but in most cases, it is a person who has 10K to 10000K followers. His reach would be lesser than a normal celebrity would have but definitely it would be a valuable addition to your campaign. These micro-influencers would give a higher ROI and with them, the level of engagement you receive is also more if you compare with a celebrity. However, working with them would require more effort as you would have to talk to many of them before finally finding few which you think are actually going to deliver.

Write down your terms

Most of the influencers are content creators and it is quite possible that the ideas they have may not be workable for you. It is very important for your campaign that both the teams are on the same page when it comes to the execution. You need to have a clear cut contract on how you want to take this association further. It is quite possible that some terms may need negotiations and it is best to discuss all the things before finally settling down things.

Ascertain your value

You may think an influencer is with you for freebies but that is not true. They also want to associate with brands which are credible and worth being with. Maintain your stand and give them the compensation that is more value-based. It could be a link to a publisher or content video creation opportunity. You have to ensure that these influencers feel grateful that they are with your brand and not the other way out.


If you are just starting out with influencer marketing it is quite possible for you to make mistakes. However, with the time you get to identify where and how things would work for you. The better you lay the foundation of your influencer campaign the more success you are bound to get. However, in case of confusion you can turn to PRchitects for help. Their strong background and expertise in the field are bound to project your brand in a stronger realm and give it recognition and platform of its own.

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