5 Best WordPress Plugin Frameworks

Creating WordPress plugin from the scratch is time taking and not an ideal way of development, instead you can use a plugin framework to build your wordpress plugin quickly. Here we have listed few OOP and MVC based wordpress plugin frameworks, some of these frameworks are translation ready and also comes with settings page.

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List of WordPress Plugin Frameworks


Herbert is a newly launched wordpress plugin framework by Jason Agnew which is said to be a structured and standardized approach to create the plugin. The author found it difficult to build plugins in unstructured environment and thought of a structured plugin framework, and the result is Herbert. Here is the example wordpress plugin built by Herbert. Check out Herbert

WordPress Plugin Boilerplate

WordPress plugin boilerplate is the most popular plugin framework that let you build object oriented WordPress plugin. This framework is translation ready. This class based wordpress plugin framework is simple and ready to use. Download wordpress plugin boilerplate.


Sunrise by Vladimir Anokhin (now maintained by Tyler Longren) is an OOP based, open source wordpress plugin framework that comes with tabbed options page which includes ajax upload fields, color pickers, checkbox groups. This framework is translation ready. Check out the official Sunrise github page.

Pico Plugin Framework

Pico is a light weight MVC based wordpress plugin framework Integrated with the Settings API. The MVC is implemented in one file in this framework. Check out the Pico framework page.

WordPress Fuel

WordPress Fuel is a HMVC (Hierarchical Model View Controller) based wordpress plugin framework which helps to code your plugin rapidly. The framework comes with master page layouts, cleanp and it is a lightweight framework. Visit the official WordPress Fuel website to buy this paid framework.

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