Essential Atom Packages for Web Developers

Hello, say welcome to Atom, an all-new open source coding tool by Github. Atom is a one more tool which can be added to open source editors list such as Brackets, Notepad++, Limetext and Bluefish but, Atom is more than a coding tool as it is extendable and hackable to your programming needs. Other reasons to use Atom are, helping community and it is built by Github.

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List of Essential Atom Packages for Web Developers


Atom can be extended with atom packages, here is the list of Atom packages for web developers to increase the productively and get the work done faster.

Atom Beautify

Atom Beautify package formats the code with proper indenting. It beautifies HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Ruby, Java, C, C++, C# and many other popular programming languages. Along with these languages, it also supports Sass and LESS stylesheets. It beautifies the code with the ctrl-alt-b key combination. Know more about Atom Beautify.

Atom Bootstrap 3 Support

Atom Bootstrap 3 package adds autocomplete for Bootstrap 3 classes, not only classes, but it also includes snippets to code faster, for example simply writing “btn” brings the button code. Download Atom Bootstrap 3.

Color Picker

Atom color picker package adds color picker pallet to CSS color property. It can be accessed with CTRL-ALT-C key combination. It also supports Sass and LESS color variables. Download Color Picker for Atom.

CSS Snippets

CSS Snippets is one more useful package for faster coding. CSS Snippets adds short hand CSS coding to Atom, for example, “bg” adds background and “bgi” adds background-image CSS property. Know more about CSS Snippets.


Emmet package adds the most useful Emmet short hand coding support for Atom, it is the must have plugin for productive development. Have a look at Emment package for Atom.

jQuery Snippets

This package adds jQuery snippets to Atom for faster and efficient jQuery coding. Check out the jQuery Snippets package.

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