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How We Got Rid of Google Analytics Spam secret ɢoogle com

Have you seen sudden jump in your Google Analytics stats since past week? And got surprised with this traffic? Well calm down because this is not the real traffic from organic search or referral websites, but it’s fake traffic by the language spam called secret.ɢoogle.com You are invited! Enter only with this ticket URL. Copy it. Vote for Trump!

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What exactly is Secret.ɢoogle.com Spam?

Secret.ɢoogle.com is a language spam that adds fake visits to your Google Analytics stats, it uses fake referral, in the domain secret.ɢoogle.com the G you see is not an English G but it is a Latin word. Check out this Wiktionary page to know more about this letter.

Below is the screenshot of how this secret.ɢoogle.com has affected our Google Analytics traffic


How We Solved secret.ɢoogle.com Google Analytics Spam?

We have used Analytics Edge’s segment to get rid of secret.ɢoogle.com spam. Here are the steps to apply this segment to your Google Analytics-

  1. Go to this Google Analytics solution (sign in to Google if required)
  2. Click on the “Import” button located on the top
  3. Now you will get a screen which asks to select Google Analytics view, select your website data and then click on “Create” button
    Google Analytics view
  4. replace “mydomain.com” hostname with your domain name
    Replace hostname
  5. Finally click on the “Save” button

Want to Know More About secret ɢoogle com?

Ohow has written an in-depth article about secret.ɢoogle.com Google Analytics language spam, check it out here.

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How We Got Rid of Google Analytics Spam secret ɢoogle com

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